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How to Prepare a Healthy Breakfast in Five Minutes or Less

Research shows that people who eat breakfast are slimmer than non-breakfast eaters. Eating breakfast in the morning can amp up your metabolism and keep you from overdoing the midday munchies. The most common excuse for non-breakfast eaters is that they do not have enough time to make breakfast. Healthy Breakfast foods can take as little as five minutes or less to make. Breakfast You Can Make At Home 1. Peanut Butter Toast How to: take a piece of whole-wheat toast, spread with two tablespoons peanut butter, half slice of banana, and then drizzle with tablespoon honey. 2. Breakfast Quesadillas How to: In a small non-stick frying pan coat with cooking spray, over medium heat pour in one large beaten egg. After the egg cooks, flip it … [Read More...]

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Top 5 Healthy Breakfast Foods

There are many individuals who wake up in the morning feeling fatigued, get ready, and then leave to go to work (or school). Many of these individuals are making a huge mistake as they are forgetting something important. Their phone? Their wallet? Their MP3 players? No. They are missing the most … [Read More...]

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3 Healthy Breakfast Foods To Have More Energy Throughout The Day

General wisdom says that people who start their day with a healthy breakfast have more energy, are more efficient at work or study and are less likely to overeat at snack and lunchtime. However, it is hard to know what makes up a healthy breakfast. A lot of the foods sold as breakfast items are not … [Read More...]


How Healthy Breakfast Foods Can Help You Lose Weight

The first meal of the day is the most important of all. That's why it's so important to have healthy breakfast foods in order to keep your body in top condition; and this article will tell how to lose weight by starting of the day with the right foods, of which the most important … [Read More...]


4 Reasons To Eat The Egg Yolks

Like eggs? Only eat egg whites? Maybe you don't eat eggs at all anymore. There are a lot of misconceptions floating around about eggs and if you are depriving yourself of egg consumption for health reasons, it's time to reconsider. Modern research is debunking the old school of thought that eggs are … [Read More...]